Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

We are very fortunate to have amazing pronghorn antelope hunting here at RTS Hunting, LLC. Our pronghorn population is stable-to-rising, with plenty of nice bucks to choose from. The units that our ranch lays in (3,301,4) have historically been known as some of the best units in Colorado for Pronghorn Antelope hunting. This is conducted as a “spot-and-stalk” hunt.

You can expect to be driven around in either a pickup truck or a Polaris Ranger and glass for a mature Pronghorn Buck and then make your stalk on foot once you’ve “chosen” your animal. Most of our shots are 300 yards or closer, and you can expect to do some walking. Our “shooter” bucks average in the 70” class with potential for a larger buck any day. We have taken several 80” bucks in the last few years. Our Pronghorn season runs from mid-August until early October.

This is a very fun hunt where you can expect to see lots of animals. We experience nearly 100% success rate. With the early season dates, it’s also a great youth hunt as we can accommodate young hunters in mid-August before the start of school.

Pronghorn antelope hunts are three days, fully guided, and include meals and lodging.

If you wound an animal (draw blood), every attempt will be made to recover the animal. If it is not recovered, then your hunt will be over.

You must have a Hunter's Safety Card to purchase a hunting license and hunt in the state of Colorado if you were born on or after January 1, 1949. You must also carry your Hunter's Safety Card with you in the field unless your license is verified with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

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