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Craig Colorado is well known as “The Elk Hunting Capital of the World.” With a herd of elk numbering over 25,000, it’s hard to argue with that. Our ranch, which is located 15 miles north of Craig and runs west to just north of the town of Maybell, is located in one of the largest elk migration corridors in the world. We have both resident elk and a huge number of migratory and wintering elk that use the ranch year round. Our elk hunters typically experience success rates of 95% or better on branch-antlered bulls, many of them having several opportunities to harvest a bull during the course of their 5-day hunt. We offer a very limited number of early season (September) rut hunts. On these hunts we will walk and call in the mornings and typically sit on water sources in the evenings. This is a rare opportunity to hunt bugling bulls in September with a rifle.

Starting in mid-October and going through to mid-December, elk begin to pour out of the high country and move onto the lower winter range. We are not only in the middle of the migration path, but we also hold some of the best winter range in the country. It is not uncommon to see herds of 500 to 700 elk, or even more than 1000 elk on our ranch. These late-season hunts are conducted mainly out of pickup trucks and Polaris Rangers (no horses here!) and are spot-and-stalk hunts. The late-season hunts offers a rare opportunity to view incredible numbers of elk and hunt them in the rolling sagebrush hills.

All of our elk hunts are physically fairly easy hunts (as far as elk hunting goes) and we can accommodate hunters of almost any ability. With that being said, you should be prepared to walk several miles each day and be proficient with your rifle up to 300 yards. The better shape you are in and the more proficient you are with your weapon, the better chance you will have at harvesting a particular animal. And the more enjoyable your hunt will be! While most of our bulls are 5x5 and small 6x6 bulls, you always have a chance at finding (and maybe harvesting) a 300” bull, especially during the later hunts.

This is an extremely fun, action-packed, high-success-rate hunt! If you have hunted other places and haven't had an opportunity to harvest a bull, then this is the hunt for you - we’ve got elk!

All Elk hunts are fully guided, 5-day hunts with meals and lodging included. Our lodging consists of a 5,500 square foot log lodge with modern amenities.

If you wound an animal (draw blood), every attempt will be made to recover the animal. If it is not recovered, then your hunt will be over.

You must have a Hunter's Safety Card to purchase a hunting license and hunt in the state of Colorado if you were born on or after January 1, 1949. You must also carry your Hunter's Safety Card with you in the field unless your license is verified with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

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