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The Visintainer Ranch has historically been known as an incredible hunting property. At 53,000 acres, the ranch spreads out in two main parcels from Black Mountain (North of Craig, Colorado) to the Godiva Rim (North of Maybell, Colorado). It varies in elevation from 8200 feet at the border of National Forest lands to around 6000 feet nearing the base of the Godiva Rim. The higher elevations consist of aspen and oak brush and the lower elevations are vast expanses of rolling sagebrush and bitter brush hills. This ranch truly has it all when it comes to wildlife habitat - we have both resident and migratory populations of all three species of animals that we hunt (pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and elk).

The ranch truly shines because of the livestock grazing programs practiced by landowner Gary Visintainer, Visintainer Sheep Company. The programs are both innovative and limit livestock numbers. Gary runs a very small number of both sheep and cattle on the ranch and manages the forage for the good of both livestock and wildlife. The ranch offers an incredibly diverse ecosystem that literally flourishes with life year round, The practices that Mr. Visintainer has put in place for livestock and wildlife management are compatible with the health of this ecosystem. Visintainer Sheep Company has been recognized for his commitment to rangeland heath with an emphasis on wildlife by being awarded the prestigious Leopold Conservation Award in 2013.

The ranch also sits smack dab in the middle of one of the largest elk migration corridors in Colorado. The Bears Ears Herd, estimated to be about 25,000 strong (the second largest migratory elk herd in the world), migrates through and winters in this area! Depending on the weather, but almost always by early November, thousands of elk pour out of the Routt National Forest and Elkhead Mountains heading for the lower wintering grounds. Fortunately for us, we are the wintering grounds.

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to hunt such an incredible piece of property.

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